Goal vs VPN – advantages and disadvantages

By using the Tor Firefox not only the IP address is hidden, but with add-ons such as HTTPS Everywhere or NoScript allows additional security. In addition, the Internet search about safe search engines such as Start Page or DuckDuckGo expires. The operation of the Tor software is very simple: In order to safely and anonymously be on the road in the network, only one mouse click is required. Gate then opens the Vidalia interface, automatically connects to the Tor network and loads the customized for the Tor network version of Firefox. Can just as quickly be disconnected to the Tor network again. If a user disconnects from the Tor network, the gate-Firefox does not work anymore. Therefore, it is advisable to additionally install a normal version of Firefox or another browser for the Tor network can be used only when necessary. When surfing through the Tor network, the Internet bandwidth is greatly reduced. Unlike a VPN, Tor is pretty slow. A liquid but normal surfing is still possible. For large uploads and downloads, and other hand in video streaming and file sharing, the speed reduction very striking, so use the Tor network for such applications is only conditionally recommended. Click here for more information.

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