DD WRT Setup for StrongVPN

Trying to find a router that may connect invite you and to Hide My Ass utilize outside the US on your Apple Tv? Can be your Internet Service Provider slowing VOIP or torrent traffic down? No matter your reasons might be it is the router for you.

See what Sabai Technology has done is nothing over brilliance. They’ve taken the Linksys E3000 that was already superb fast and produced it even more strong by launching it with the DD WRT Mega firmware. This enables the router to connect right to Powerful VPN and thereby allowing all your connected devices to operate trough the VPN tube . In-practice this means that you will no more be blocked from utilizing US simply services when overseas and best of all you can now connect from apparatus that formerly couldn’t including the Appletv, Xbox 360, Ps3 and Wii. The list continues on.

The router is much like the E2000 that we have reviewed early in the day but as it can process the VPN link even more quickly enabling you to reach speeds you’ll not think possible, with twice the RAM this router is screaming-fast.

Specs and Reviews
As mentioned in truth it has enough to run the variant that was most powerful and the Linksys E3000 has loads of RAM the socalled DD WRT Huge. In addition the USB 2.0 interfaces allow you to join shared storage to the router for local area access.

Critique: A great developement would be to have such a good user interface as PureVPN IPad, just to compare how easy it can be for users to handle the setup.

Joins to StrongVPN, allowing you to produce a VPN link with any of 63 computers in 10 nations.
Allows one to reveal the VPN link will all apparatus on the router.
Broadcast wifi at 2.4-Ghz or 5 Ghz
The router has Wireless-N at speeds up to 300 mbps.
Entry the VPN link via 4 Gigabit interfaces
Process the VPN traffic amazingly quickly.
The best method to link multiple computers to a VPN accounts.
Broadcom chipset
Screaming quickly 480 mHz CPU pace.
USB 2.0 interfaces
8 MB Flash Memory
Fully installed together with the Brainslayer Super model of dd wrt software.

So with twice the power of the E2000 and critiques that are great I can not notice no reason not to get this router.

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